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Gill Cooke STEMConnext founder

Gill Cooke, Founder of #STEMConnext, mum of two and Head of Digital Planning & Delivery

Welcome to STEMConnext

When I founded #STEMConnext in 2018, I had a vision to connect like-minded people and businesses by building a community outside of London, where they can network, share ideas and support each other.​​

Our community, based in the Thames Valley, is now over a year old and proudly celebrates and champions equality and equity for all with practical and effective action. Our goal is to remove barriers, change thinking and demonstrate how diversity and inclusion benefits everyone.​​

When you join our community, you can enjoy: ​

    • Inspiring evenings of networking, panel experts and audience Q&As​
    • Interactive ‘Lunch & Learn’ or 90min sessions with coaches and experts​
    • A busy online ‘support and thought’ community of STEM professionals​​

As you will see, we also offer practical advice on effective ways to navigate STEM careers and opportunities to learn from the experiences of successful figures in the industry, with valuable and actionable ideas and guidance.​

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Email: stemconnext@gmail.com

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