Our popular breakfast workshops are the ideal place for our community members to take a deep dive into the thornier issues of their careers, as well as offering opportunities to reflect on personal and professional development.

The Career Café is an excellent peer-to-peer initiative, where community members are able to benefit from each others expertise as they look to their next steps. We are also beginning to attend events that align with our aims, such as Women in Business and Women of Silicon Valley, with the expertise of our community.

STEMConnext Career Cafe

Maidenhead | Jan - March 2019

A series of 2 hour sessions with access to experienced coaches for career advice, confidence training, CV and Linkedin tips and professional recruiters for interview practice

Finding the Independent You!

With Susie Ramroop | July 2019

Finding the Independent You - the best version of you, who everyone wants to hire and spend time with!

Finding your inner resilience

With Bep Dhaliwal | Maidenhead | October 2019

The current pace of life can be challenging in many respects, not only in carving out time for self-care, but to feel like you're fulfilling the expectations of all those that rely on you. This workshop is designed to support you to take control back, in a way that's meaningful to you.